Services & New Updates!

CBS now offers dispute resolution, legal dispute & mediation services to private groups & clients! Some of the mediation & counseling services we offer include:

  • Legal disputes
  • Marital disputes and resolution
  • Life coaching & counseling
  • Substance abuse counseling*
  • Business counseling & financial audits
  • Employee developments
  • Social media consulting
  • Marketing & Communicative consulting
  • Research & development on various projects
  • Payroll & financial mgmt
  • Recruiting & sourcing


Does your organization need HR support & guidance?

CBS offers global companies innovative and practical solutions to our client’s financial, HR and operational needs. ¬†We can handle financial/accounting management solutions, HR/staffing practices, interviewing/pre-screening processes, financial & payroll management, and operational expansions for our customers and clients. ¬†Contact us today at to discuss your company options.